Available language codes


List of languages in the ISO-639-3 as namedtuple of alpha3, alpha3b, alpha3t, alpha2, scope, type, name and comment

class babelfish.language.LanguageConverterManager

ConverterManager for language converters


Instance of LanguageConverterManager

class babelfish.language.LanguageMeta

The Language metaclass

Dynamically redirect Language.frommycode() to Language.fromcode() with the mycode converter

class babelfish.language.Language(language, country=None, script=None, unknown=None)

A human language

A human language is composed of a language part following the ISO-639 standard and can be country-specific when a Country is specified.

The Language is extensible with custom converters (see Custom Converters)

  • language (string) – the language as a 3-letter ISO-639-3 code
  • country (string or Country or None) – the country (if any) as a 2-letter ISO-3166 code or Country instance
  • script (string or Script or None) – the script (if any) as a 4-letter ISO-15924 code or Script instance
  • unknown (string or None) – the unknown language as a three-letters ISO-639-3 code to use as fallback

ValueError if the language could not be recognized and unknown is None

classmethod fromcode(code, converter)

Create a Language by its code using converter to reverse() it


the corresponding Language instance

Return type:


classmethod fromietf(ietf)

Create a Language by from an IETF language code

Parameters:ietf (string) – the ietf code
Returns:the corresponding Language instance
Return type:Language